Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 5 – Setting Up Users and Groups

In Part 5, we’ll discuss setting up users and groups, which will be a direct precursor to setting up permissions and Samba shares in the next few parts. Right now, your server probably only has a single user, you, that you can log in as (unless you enabled root login, … Continue reading

Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 4b – Backing Up Your Machine with Clonezilla

In this part, I’ll cover backing up your hard drive by creating a drive image with Clonezilla. Going this route is somewhat similar to using the dd command but you go through graphical prompts instead of entering the command(s) manually dd if=/dev/sda bs=1M | gzip -c  > /mnt/sda1/hda.img.gz Instead of … Continue reading

Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 4a – Backing Up Your Machine with Rsync

Before we get too far into setting everything up, its a good idea to have at least one backup of your system (and preferably an up-to-date copy!) in case anything happens to your machine. From a hard drive failure or typing a wrong command that blasts your system to your … Continue reading