Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 10 – Setting up the LAMP Stack

In Part 10, I will cover setting up the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack in the server version of Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. The LAMP stack are the core components that make up a general purpose web server. You can use tasksel to install the LAMP stack, but be fore-warned, DO NOT … Continue reading

Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 9 – Setting Up VPN

In this part, we setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which allows access to a private network (such as a workplace LAN) over a public network (such as the internet or WAN). The VPN package I will be covering is called pptpd. The first step as usual is to update your … Continue reading

Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 8 – Setting Up CUPS

This part is devoted to printing, and more specifically, how to setup a print server using CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System). As usual, the first step it to download and install the package after you update your repositories. Depending on your internet speed and machine capabilities this may take a … Continue reading

Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 7 – Setting Up Samba Shares

In Part 7 we start to get into the fun stuff, setting up samba shares! Samba is an implementation of SMB/CIFS (server message block/common internet file system) that facilitates sharing files and printers over different operating systems . The first thing you’ll need to do is to get the samba … Continue reading

Simple Ubuntu Server: Part 6 – File Permissions and Ownership

This part covers information that is essential for any systems administrator to understand, file permissions and ownership. Since you are (or may be if you didn’t follow the previous section) using a server version of Ubuntu, the assumption is that more people other than yourself will be accessing resources on … Continue reading