Updating your Linux Kernel

So you want to update your kernel, eh? Hopefully that means you got some shiny new cutting-edge hardware you want to play with. Alternatively, it means that something is broken or not working in an older kernel and you’re hoping the updating to a new one fixes the problem. Well, … Continue reading

Viewing and Searching Man Pages

As you already probably know, man is the command line program which is used to display Linux manual pages (manpages) which are program reference documents stored locally. At its most basic usage, to view a manpage, simply type man followed by the program you want to view the manpage for. The below … Continue reading

How to Check Disk and Memory Usage

This post is dedicated to checking disk and memory usage with three utilities, df, du, and free. free is arguably the easiest of these three to use, as all it requires is a single line to display the amount of free and used memory in the system. The -m and -t switches used below convert the results to … Continue reading