Booting from the GRUB command line

There are many reasons why you might have to boot your computer manually from the GRUB command line. They range from the simple, “I installed a new kernel and deleted the old without updating grub,” to, “oh crap, something terrible happened and I need to get into my computer!” There are … Continue reading

Mounting a Filesystem inside a Live CD

Say for some reason you can’t access your computer. Perhaps you need to reinstall GRUB, or maybe you are running a minimal linux install (say LFS) and need to work in a different environment that supports your hardware until you can configure your linux kernel. Well, one of the options … Continue reading

Setting up an LVM Installation

There are lots of reasons you would want to setup an LVM system. LVM stands for Logical Volume Manager. The main difference over “standard” partitions is the LVM is not fixed, and like a RAID array, can span multiple physical devices (though it is not capable of parity, striping, or anything like … Continue reading